Meet The Team

“Hi, I’m Emily. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my fantastic team of experts & coaches who have supported me in making this coaching programme deliver extraordinary results & change women’s lives.”

Meet The Experts

Through weekly live sessions our experts will guide you on how to create a healthier, body confident you. Using their expertise, you will be delivered the support to transform both your mind and body.

Meet The Coaches

All of our FitQueen coaches complete advanced training in female physiology and food psychology, and commit themselves to creating a beautiful partnership with you. Upon joining you will be paired with your own 1:1 coach who will be supporting you on a daily basis.

Meet The Support Team

We want every woman to feel fully supported through their FitQueen journey, our client support team are on hand to you from the first point of enquiry through to graduating from the programme.

Are you ready to take control of your health and create the body you love?

It’s time to wave goodbye to generic diets that never work & to put you & your health first. It’s time to embrace that your body needs a personal touch.

So what’s next? Book in for a complimentary consultation call and we can explore your goals together and if we are a great fit we can go through package options.

I know reaching out for help can be the most daunting part so I want to make a promise to you that the consultation is a no pressure chat and you won’t at any point be ‘pressured’ into joining. Instead we will listen and only provide insight on the program if it feels like the right fit.

Here is to getting you feeling healthy, body confident and free in your body.

Emily xx