Meet The Team

Emily de Luzy.

FitQueen Founder

Hi, I'm Emily. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my fantastic team of experts & coaches who have supported me in making this coaching program deliver extraordinary results & change women's lives.

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Meet The Coaches

Upon joining you will be paired with your own 1:1 coach who will be supporting you on a daily basis. As FitQueen coaches we have all completed advanced training in female physiology and food psychology, and commit ourselves to creating a beautiful partnership with you.

Meika Hendriksen

Transformation Coach

Have you struggled to sustain a healthier lifestyle?

Meika is known for her 'wing woman' secret powers of taking women from feeling totally stuck to thriving in their health alongside their busy lives. Being a mum of two boys (10 & 14) Meika understands the importance of making sure the transformational journey is realistic alongside everyday life.

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Sarah Bartholomew

Transformation Coach

Do you struggle with hormonal issues?

If so, you will feel safe & understood working with Sarah.

Sarah suffers from thyroid dysfunction so she knows how it feels to have to live with a slower metabolism. With a young family, and a partner who works away balancing her & her families very different needs is a constant challenge that she understands well.

Louisa Carlo

Transformation Coach 

Are you a mum who is trying to reconnect with herself? Louisa knows exactly the steps to take to get you back to feeling happy and healthy in your body.

Louisa has two young daughters and she has made it her mission to make sure they grow up feeling empowered in their bodies whilst having healthy relationships with food and exercise, if you are wanting to not only ignite your own health but also inspire your children Louisa knows exactly how to support you.

Caroline Riddall

Transformation Coach 

With 14 years of experience and a transformational story of her own, Caroline understands exactly what it takes to go through a transformational journey of both health, mindset and physique.

Caroline's super power is bringing positivity and light to any situation by acting as your on hand wing woman to navigate the path of weight loss with the least resistance possible.

Charlotte Gillingham

Enrolment Coach 

Charlotte is our mother hen. If you are nervous about taking that next step and you need a safe, non judgmental space to explore your goals Charlotte is on hand to make sure this is an exciting, comfortable conversation.

She has experienced her own journey of becoming a mum and knows how important it it to feel fulfilled in your identity after having babies. Her true passion lies in supporting women to feel empowered to start their journey with FitQueen.


Office Manager

Cornelius aka Corndog is a 4-year old cockapoo and he’s the fluffy mascot of FitQueen.

You’ll regularly spot him on my Instagram Stories when we’re out on our daily walks getting our steps in and he loves carrots even more than we do!!!

Meet The Experts

Additional to your 1:1 partnership with your coach you'll also have access to webinar sessions taken by our experts. Using their expertise, you will be delivered the support and guidance to achieve transformation in both mind and body.

Camilla Gray

Nutritional Therapist

Your gut health is critical when it comes to sustainability. Camilla will teach you why it's so important, how to analyse your gut health & most importantly how to improve it with food and supplementation. You will also learn:

  • How different foods affect your levels of stress
  • How to improve your sleep quality through food
  • How foods qualities can help you change your lifestyle

Colleen Moore

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Colleen will guide you to build healthy habits. This will be done using hypnotherapy sessions to communicate with your subconscious. The techniques you will learn will help you:

  • Come out of fight & flight
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Better manage life's stressors

Gary Allman

Sleep Coach

Sleep holds the key to every variable of your health. Gary will teach you how to optimize your sleep so you can feel dramatic positive effects to your energy, mood and a reduction in cravings. You will also learn…

  • How to manage sleep with hormonal fluctuations
  • What circadian rhythm suits your unique genetic makeup
  • How to manage time zones and sleep disturbances

Kelly Watkins

Psychologist BSC HONS, MSC, PG DIP, PGD

Sustaining your weight loss results and continuing to live a healthy lifestyle is always driven by the mind.

Kelly will teach you how to let go of sabotaging thoughts and embody your new healthier identity. You will also learn…

  • How to overcome emotional eating
  • The tools to implement healthy boundaries
  • The key to finding body contentment

We are here to show you how to put a stop to the 'I need to lose weight' voices in your mind...

...and instead finally conquer your weight loss battle and have you feeling confident in your body for GOOD!!

If you'd like to be supported, click the link below to choose a time to connect via a virtual coffee call. Once you've chosen a time you'll be asked a few questions regarding your goals and struggles, please take your time to really share with me what's been going on and where you'd love to be over the next 6-12 months.

We can then use the time on the call to specifically focus on the area's you need the most support with whilst exploring package options if we feel the FitQueen program can really help you.

Here is to ditching the dieting cycle and creating the happier, healthier you.



🥳 Success after lots of quick fix diets in the past

"From the moment I joined I felt heard... I didn't realise how personalised the experience would be. So far I've lost 8kg but most of all I've lost weight whilst eating a menu of foods I know I will continue enjoying for the rest of my life"