Inspiring women who've transformed their lives

Within the FitQueen community women from all over the world have achieved success whilst navigating hormonal implications, demanding careers and overcoming years of unsuccessful dieting

🥳 From unsuccessful shakes and soup diets to sustainable results

"At work I was confident, I wanted the same feeling about my body. I now look in the mirror and feel confident with what I see"


🥳 Success after lots of quick fix diets in the past

"From the moment I joined I felt heard... I didn't realise how personalised the experience would be. So far I've lost 8kg but most of all I've lost weight whilst eating a menu of foods I know I will continue enjoying for the rest of my life"


🥳🇺🇸 From lacking confidence to now feeling healthy in her body through Perimenopause

“I wanted to be a positive role model for my children with food and body image, I've now learn't how to fuel my body working with my hormones”


🥳🇺🇸 From fighting with PCOS weight gain to now losing inches sustainably

"Honestly... I didn't think this would work because I had tried so many things already. But I didn't want to spend the next 50 years of my life thinking about 'dieting' so I gave it a go, thankfully I've finally lost weight with my PCOS and I'm actually eating more food"


🥳 Re learning how to fuel her body through this Perimenopause cyclical stage

“I've always tried to be healthy but I hit a wall in perimenopause, I've now lost weight and learn't how to take back control of my body”


🥳 From having no confidence to have her picture taken to now feeling totally comfortable in front of the camera

“I was at a low point when I joined FitQueen, I was avoiding social events and struggling with binge eating. I now feel comfortable within myself, it's been the best investment I've ever made"


🥳🇸🇬 Falling back in love with exercise and gaining back energy whilst maintaining a very busy career

"I work long hours, travelling multiple continents. I've managed to lose the weight I'd gained with age and feel so much better in my body now"


🥳 Finding herself again after having children and learning a forever healthy menu which is family friendly

"I absolutely love my exercise now, the food has been so enjoyable and my whole family are able to benefit from this too. I wanted something for me and I now feel so much better in myself"


🥳 Losing inches whilst flying all over the world for her work

"They actually care about you as an individual, this experience and my plan has been 100% personalised to me and my body. They have been able to focus on what is going to work best for me as a unique person"


🥳 From being pre diabetic to getting her blood tests back into normal...

"I've loved having everything mapped out for me. Sometimes the struggle comes because you don't know what you should be eating/types of exercise. I have finally lost the weight and am now light enough to ride my pony"


🥳 From under eating and punishment to now maintaining and feeling in control of her body

"I was under eating and punishing my body, since joining I’ve lost weight whilst eating more and now maintain my comfortable dress size all year round"


🥳 Was nervous to join but now so glad she committed for her health and relationship with food

“I was nervous to start my journey but I knew I wanted to conquer my PCOS symptoms and relationship with food. I now feel like a completely different person and wake up feeling energised"


This is about putting an end to the 'I need to lose weight' voices...

...and instead having the personalised support and guidance to finally conquer your weight loss battle for good.

If you'd like to be supported, click the link below to choose a time to connect via consultation call. Once you've chosen a time you'll be asked a few questions regarding your goals and struggles, please take your time to really share with me what's been going on and where you'd love to be over the next 6-12 months.

We can then use the time on the call to specifically focus on the area's you need the most support with whilst exploring package options if we feel the FitQueen programme can really help you.

Here is to ditching the dieting cycle and finding your happy, FOR GOOD!



You know you're ready to change. So what's next?

The first step is to connect on a virtual coffee call so we can learn more about you and your unique circumstances to see if we could be a great fit to support you.