How Emily Transformed Her Life

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“You can trust the journey that you will undertake on the personalised coaching experience. Why? Because it is the same journey that I undertook 8 years ago”

Back in 2015, I was 70lbs overweight, battling with PCOS, addicted to food & at war with my body image.

To the outside world it looked like I had my life together, I seemed confident, had a great social life and was climbing the ladder at work. I absolutely loved my career… but hated the way my body looked. I would under eat at work only to binge when I got home.

After 10 years of battling my weight, and being told I was ‘obese’ by my Doctor, I knew I had to make a forever change.

I constantly asked myself – “Why do I find it so difficult?”

I started to believe I was truly hopeless, and maybe I was one of those women who just couldn’t lose weight.

I knew people were looking at me, thinking…

“She keeps talking about how she wants to lose weight, but she still looks exactly the same. She clearly doesn’t want it bad enough.”

The truth was, I did want it badly. I wanted it more than anything, but my eating was a disaster and because of it, I hated the way my body looked. I kept gaining weight and before I knew it I was the biggest I’d ever been.

Emily In Kitchen

It took for my trousers to rip from front to back in front of all of my customers in the boardroom (this makes me so embarrassed even to this day) for me to decide to finally make a forever change.

So, my weight loss mission began.

I tried EVERY popular diet available low-carb, keto, weight watchers – the list goes on.

Nothing worked. So I decided to do the obvious… ‘eat less and move more’.

Yes, I lost weight… BUT it was at the cost of my health and mental wellbeing.

I will never forget how it felt being sat with my endocrinologist in the hospital, age 22 being told I had PCOS, postmenopausal estrogen levels and an underactive thyroid and the chances of conceiving were slim because of what I’d done to myself.

Leaving that hospital I knew I had to take full ownership for my health, weight and relationship with food.

I spent the next 3 years of my life studying the complexity of women’s weight loss.

I identified the link between female hormones and their contribution to metabolism and reproductive health whilst also learning the psychology behind our behaviors with food.

I used this knowledge to improve my health implications and achieve and maintain a healthy weight which was something I always so deeply desired.

What did this teach me? That to create the weight loss results you desire and to sustain a healthier lifestyle it requires way more than a basic nutrition plan or a few PT sessions.

It requires you to have a team of experts under one roof guiding you in all areas of your holistic health, showing you how to remap your mindset, teaching you how to get better sleep and improve your digestion, showing you how to eat and move unique to your body and hormones.

This is why I made it my mission to bring together industry leading experts to support you inside the programme so you can learn exactly how your body works from the inside out whilst having the guidance and support to make sure this is a life changing transformation.

No woman should have to suffer in her body...

It’s time to wave goodbye to generic diets that never work for you & to put you & your health first. It’s time to embrace that your body needs a personal touch.

So what’s next? Book in for a complimentary consultation call and we can explore your goals together and if we are a great fit we can go through package options.

I know reaching out for help can be the most daunting part so I want to make a promise to you that the consultation is a no pressure chat and you won’t at any point be ‘pressured’ into joining. Instead we will listen and only provide insight on the program if it feels like the right fit.

Here is to getting you feeling healthy, body confident and free in your body.

Emily xx