Charlotte Gillingham.

Enrolment Coach

"Hey, I’m Charlotte the enrolment coach here at FitQueen. Health and fitness has always been a key part of my life, from Dancing everyday throughout my childhood to meeting my wonderful husband whilst working at a Gym. I have two adorable children who are my world, my son is 2 and my daughter is almost 1. They love to be carried in their slings whilst mummy gets her steps in!

Emily and I met 11 years ago, also through health and fitness, and I have always loved watching the incredible transformations her and the team have helped hundreds of women to create.

After having my children, a positive relationship with my body as well as food was more important than ever. With children being aware as young as 4 about negativity around body image, it is very important to me to help women to love themselves so they can also help the next generation to feel the same.

I feel very lucky to be a part of such an amazing team at FitQueen. I absolutely love speaking to women who want to make their forever change and to live with freedom. I look forward to welcoming you onboard!"