Kelly Watkins.


"Hi, my name's Kelly Watkins. I am qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT, BABCP accredited) and a HCPC registered Forensic Psychologist.

As a part of the FitQueen team, I wanted to share with you why I really enjoy what I do with FitQueen.

Firstly, it's because it's the most amazing community of strong, powerful women who are all working towards improving their health and wellness. I deliver my sessions via webinar and it is such a fantastic open space where clients are able to open up. They're so honest, they're so supportive and just empowering of each other and it just creates this wonderful atmosphere.

I work through a variety of psychological techniques, to share psychological theory, but to discuss it, to get other people's opinions and to try things out in the sessions. We look at things like combating negative thoughts, we look at what your values are and how you can make sure that you are living more in line with your values.

We look at mindful and mindless eating and we look at using our behaviors to be able to change how we are feeling by focusing on boosting self esteem and being able to challenge those really deep core beliefs.

What you learn in the sessions enables you to apply it to your day to day life. You can start to see those changes psychologically, and that is the most amazing thing... Seeing women come back, month after month, sharing their progress, sharing how they've implemented some of the techniques, and they've seen the changes. It is just the most amazing group of women.

Our clients inspire me and I feel just so grateful and fortunate to be part of an amazing team and to be able to help people through their journey, just to be the best version of themselves.

I'm able to bring the psychological expertise, tips, and techniques into that journey, and it just creates that more holistic approach. There are so many other experts on the team that are able to bring in other pieces of this circle and, together, it just creates just one amazing journey that we can support women to live the life that they want to live.