Ditch the diets and achieve the body you love… the sustainable way!

The hyper personalized weight loss coaching service designed by women for women

We’ll use this time to explore your goals to see if we could be a perfect fit to support you.

If you’re sick of constantly trying diets but nothings working...

If you feel totally overwhelmed with what nutrition & exercise will work for your unique body…

If you’re tired of fighting with the food guilt voices in your head…

If you would love to wake up tomorrow without the worries and overwhelm of how you feel about your body… 

Every woman deserves to achieve and sustain her weight loss goals and have a healthy relationship with her body and food.

At FitQueen, we solve this problem by working with you 1:1, coaching you every day, guiding and supporting you to show you how to become the healthier woman you want to be. 

We are committed to supporting you to ditch the life long dieting cycle, reignite your health and create long term body confidence.

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“I wanted to be a positive role model for my children with food and body image. I now feel healthy and totally in control of my body going through perimenopause”

Risha Zuckerman

"I work long hours, travelling multiple continents. I've managed to lose the weight I'd gained with age and feel so much better in my body now"

Stanimira Koleva

"I was skeptical as to whether it would work for me but fortunately It has been a life changing experience. After years of yoyo'ing I finally feel in control of my weight"

Dr Kiran Ahmed

Why FitQueen Will Work For You

What makes us different to all the mainstream diets and thousands of online coaches out there…

Working WITH your hormones

Generic advice of eat less, move more doesn’t cut it for women's weight loss because you have a cascade of hormones circulating through your body which are fluctuating all the time.

At FitQueen we have an advanced understanding of female hormones and know exactly how to create a nutrition and exercise plan which supports your hormone function.

By working with your hormones you’ll be able to eat more food, you’ll have more energy instantly and you’ll see your body visually change creating a toned, defined shape.

Hyper-Personalized Coaching

Whilst you support everybody else, it is our job to support you. At FitQueen we are there for you, to guide you when inevitable curve balls of life as a busy woman show up.

This means having your own coach supporting you day to day and adjusting your program as your life changes week on week. Whether it’s guiding you on what tweaks to make to your exercise after having no sleep because your childs been sick or telling you what to choose off menus at a last minute client lunch…

Or realigning you on a Thursday after a challenging day at work when the wine/chocolate is calling.

We are on hand to act as your weight loss doula so you feel supported and guided at all times.

Non Restrictive Approach To Nutrition

Have intolerances? Don’t like certain foods? Don’t have much time to cook and need meals which work for the whole family? Love a glass of red on date night? Everybody has different preferences, likes and rituals towards food.

At FitQueen we start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your relationship with food, what foods you like, who you eat with and when and how much time you have to dedicate to your nutrition. We then create your meal plans from scratch based on your preferences and what we feel your body will respond best to depending on your hormonal status and goals.

Your plans will be created to teach you a way of eating which will be tasty, non restrictive and including meals and foods you can continue to eat and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Exercise You Actually Enjoy & That Fits In

The plan which includes exercises you don't enjoy is never going to be a plan you can sustain.

This is about creating an exercise plan you can practically fit into your busy week whilst incorporating the types of exercise you enjoy which are going to deliver you the weight loss results you want to see.

We will help you to find a genuine love for moving your body so exercise becomes a forever part of your life.

Long Term Peace With Your Body & Food

No amount of weight loss is worth it unless… You can look in the mirror and feel confident with what you see whilst knowing exactly how to sustain your results and continue to enjoy a balanced approach towards food and exercise.

This is about shifting out of old habits and sabotaging behaviors and stepping into your new healthier identity where you feel empowered and at peace with the woman you see in the mirror. At FitQueen we teach you day in day out how to let go of food guilt and instead embrace all foods without judgment whilst learning to love and listen to your body regardless of what’s going on around you.

Bringing You The Experts

Becoming a healthier woman is never just about losing X lbs, it’s about having you feeling healthy from the inside and that means having support in all areas of your holistic health.

You’ll have access to our resident sleep coach, gut health specialist, hypnosis practitioner and clinical psychologist so you no longer have to hire different practitioners and instead have all the help you need working in unison under one roof so this can and will be a 360 degree transformation of your mind and body.

Hey, it's Emily here. Founder of FitQueen. After losing 80lbs, beating emotional eating and learning how to manage PCOS, hypothyroidism and postmenopausal hormonal levels at age 22...

I decided to dedicate my life to supporting women to ditch the diets, learn their hormones and create a body they love… holistically and sustainably no matter how busy you are. Through having a plan which works with your hormones and the support of a coach working with you daily to show you how to embody being a healthier woman, you will create a lifelong transformation both mind & body.

We’ll use this time to explore your goals to see if we could be a perfect fit to support you.

How It Works

1. Getting Started

Schedule your complimentary consultation, on this call we will explore your struggles and goals and if we feel we could be a great fit to support you we will go through program options and you will have the opportunity to enrol into the program at the end of the call.  Once enrolled you will be sent an initial questionnaire. This is a chance to get onto paper exactly what you have been struggling with and what you want to achieve over the coming months.

We want to know what has got in the way of you seeing success up to now and the key areas you’d love to improve on and transform within your life.

With your answers, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your unique situation to then pair you with the coach we feel is a great fit for you.

2. Connect With Your Coach

You’ll connect with your coach via a 1:1 kick start call to build out your road map together. Your coach will use this time to find out more about your unique situation so she knows how best to support you whilst understanding the intricacy of your lifestyle. This is your chance to pass over any fears or worries and allow your coach to guide you from here.

3. Seeing And Feeling Your Body Change

Your coach will be by your side everyday of your journey, taking on all the thinking and planning of what you need to follow to see results. She will be there overseeing how your body is responding whilst making consistent changes to your plans so you never hit a plateau.

You will have access to your FitQueen App which will host all of your plans whilst also having weekly 1hr trainings with our experts and your coach on speed dial so she can guide you on food choices on the go, menu choices out at lunch and managing your mindset so you remain consistent through this transformation.

4. Sustain Your Results

Once you’ve reached your comfortable weight, we will teach you exactly what tweaks you need to make to your nutrition and exercise so you know exactly how to sustain your results. We’ll also teach you exactly how to reset back into your healthier lifestyle after holidays and Christmases so you never have to fear letting your hair down and falling back into your old ways.

Listen to Lois's story, from being in a low place to now feeling comfortable in her body...

“I was at a low point when I joined FitQueen, I was avoiding social events and struggling with binge eating. I now feel comfortable within my self, it’s been the best investment I’ve ever made”

We’ll use this time to explore your goals to see if we could be a perfect fit to support you.

1000+ success stories, with over 10,000 lbs of weight loss and an invaluable amount of body confidence reclaimed...


“I needed something which fitted in with my husband and children, over 7 months I have lost 13kg without having to miss out”

Are you ready to take control of your health and reclaim your confidence?

So what’s next? Book in for a complimentary consultation call and we can explore your goals together to see if we could be a perfect fit to support you.

I know reaching out for help can be the most daunting part so I want to make a promise to you that the consultation is a non committal chat and you won’t at any point be ‘pressured’ into joining. Instead we will listen and only provide insight on the program if it feels like the right fit.

Here is to getting you feeling healthy, body confident and free in your body.

Emily xx

Got a question? Let's get you some answers...

How soon will I start losing weight?

Expect to see and feel changes in your body within the first two weeks

What's the nutrition like? Is it calorie counting?

Our goal is to ensure the nutrition recommendations fit your lifestyle and those you enjoy. We also want to support you in taking the guesswork out of this, so we regroup every 7 days to assess what you have coming up in your social diary and factor this into your nutritional plans for the week ahead so you can remain on track whilst still having up most flexibility with socialising and work commitments.

Obviously, changes need to happen, but we map out all of your eating for the week and use different ways of implementing this into your lifestyle with a combination of meal plans made from scratch.

These are hyper-personalised to your food preferences and time and food accessibility. To give you an idea of the bespoke level of programming we factor in things like deliveroo takeaway options and food eateries within a 1-mile radius of your office and birthday cake on your child’s birthday

Who will be my coach?

Upon joining you will be asked specific questions so we can pair you with the best suited coach for your individual needs. All of our FitQueen coaches complete advanced training in female physiology and food psychology, and commit themselves to creating a beautiful partnership with you.

Is it fully online?

Yes, by being fully online we can be in contact with you daily which enables us to support you in the moments you really need us. This also enables us to be on hand to navigate food choices and guide with your workouts wherever you are in the world.

Is FitQueen worldwide?

Yes, we partner with women from all over the world including Singapore, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Middle East and Europe . We work on various time zones and are committed to creating your programme based on your environment and food accessibility in your location.

You say you work with hormones, how does that work?

Weight loss isn’t a simple equation of eating less and moving more. Three key hormones dictate your weight loss success which we are specifically focussed on:

  1. Stress hormone (Cortisol)
  2. Your hunger hormone (Grehlin and Leptin)
  3. Your blood sugar hormone (Insulin)


These three hormones hold the key to your metabolism, behaviours around food, and energy levels, which all determine your weight loss success. We need to understand your current hormonal status to create a programme that focuses on balancing these key hormones moving forward IF you want to lose weight and keep it off. But more importantly, so that you feel great in your body and around food.

How long is the program?

We have different length packages to suit the time required to reach your desired goal varying between 3 months – 12 months. We can map out your unique timeline once we’ve explored your goals together on your Complimentary Consultation Call.

How much is the program?

We have different package options available which vary depending on the level of support and time required to reach your unique goal. We will go through the package options based on your needs once we’ve got to know you via your Complimentary Consultation Call.

How much time will this require each week?

Your plan will be personalised to you therefore it is our job to make sure it fits into your week. We will use short but effective 20-30 minute workouts 3-4 times per week combined with tasty but quick recipes/order in foods. You will be expected to prioritise 30 minutes a week for your check in which is a non negotiable for us to be able to do our job and effectively guide you.

How is this programme different from other weight loss programmes?

Unlike most virtual weight loss coaching, we specialise in working with hormones, your relationship with food, and creating a custom plan for your unique lifestyle, stage of life, and desires. We work from the inside out to sustain your weight loss for life.