Louisa Carlo.

Transformation Coach

“Hi I’m Lou!

I’m a 35 year old mum of two little girls ages 3 and 4, and have been a personal trainer for just over a decade.
I love my job, and the relationships I build with my clients. My speciality lies in coaching pre & postnatal women and am currently studying to further my development as a GGS Pre & Postnatal coach.

When I began taking on clients, I quickly realised that coaching women was where my passion lies- I love working with women who previously struggled in a gym environment and training them to weight lift properly and with confidence.

A significant proportion of my clients went on to become pregnant at some point in their lives, or had been, and so I chose to study Pre & Postnatal to better support and train them safely and this in turn led to me basing my entire business around working with mainly postpartum women.

It’s important to me to bring my own girls up with a positive relationship with both exercise and food- I want them to grow up feeling empowered when walking into a gym environment and know the benefits of a balanced and healthy attitude to eating from a young age.

I grew up thinking that all I should be doing was endless cardio and eating salad, and that weights were for men, I’m excited to be part of the shift of attitude women are now having towards a better lifestyle, both physically and mentally, and what a perfect place to do that at FitQueen!