Sarah Bartholomew.


"Hi my name is Sarah.

I am a 31 year old Southern lass that has migrated North after working at sea for 10years. I struggled from an early age with emotional eating and going through a non-stop cycle of restriction/binging.
My days at work would see me rushed off my feet not eating complete meals and relying on sugary snacks for an energy boost.

I have an autoimmune disease called Graves, which can cause anxiety and stress on the body. When I paired this with my over-controlling lifestyle and unachievable goals It left me constantly tired, with no strength, and I lost my cycle.

I joined Emily and the FitQueen community after trying a range of other programs and I have never looked back!
It has truly changed my outlook on nutrition and exercise, so much so that It inspired me to become a coach and support other women.

I am passionate about helping others create a sustainable lifestyle, showing them that you can enjoy a glass of wine (yes I have a degree in wine education!) without the guilt and still get the results you want.

Everyone is unique and there isn't just one path to follow when embarking on your health and fitness journey. My aim is to guide and support you in building the foundations to make lifelong changes and providing you with the motivation to smash your goals."