Jayme Sephton.


"Hey, I’m Jayme,

From an Iron Man to Body Building… I have competed in many different disciplines of performance related exercise. Understanding the female body is and always has been truly fascinating to me and my performance.

I adore my coaching role & I get great satisfaction from working with other women and seeing them create a life they have always wanted. Learning that they can still have chocolate and pizza and not have to feel guilty.

As a coach I will be able to provide support to my clients not only through the advice of food & exercise, but to build a relationship with my clients that digs deeper to gather information to see patterns when it comes to hormonal function and overall levels of motivation.

No week is the same and I feel the best way for a client to progress is to be able to understand their mind set and how to optimise their results whilst working with their body. This builds a skill set that enables my clients to sustain a long term, happy lifestyle."