Age: 21

“FitQueens has been amazing and so supportive. I wouldn’t be were I am or in this happy place with my body if it wasn’t for this program.”

Age: 31

“I have lost my target 1 and a half stone. Three months on I am maintaining my weight happily and eating a varied diet. I would recommend FitQueen to anyone.”

Age: 53

“I am feeling so positive, I am the smallest I have ever been for 10 years and it’s still coming off. I feel at least ten years younger and definitely not 7 years away from retirement. Thank you to the FitQueen Support network for constant motivation and amazing support.”

Age: 45

“FitQueen has changed the way I think about Fitness & Nutrition thanks to a comprehensive bible of recipes and exercises for everyone. I’m no longer carb phobic and I’m enjoying the new found energy from nourishing my body with a good amount of healthy fats and complex carbs.”

Age: 27

“I joined FitQueens because I wanted to achieve my goal to lose weight and become a fitter person. Since joining I have managed to lose weight, improve my eating habits and have not fallen back into eating badly. Keeping consistent is something that I normally struggle with when starting a ‘diet’ but I have managed to stay consistent and it is down to the support that has been fantastic from fellow FitQueens. The home workouts have also been a great help so I can exercise at home. Thank you FitQueen.”

Age: 30

“The FitQueen Bible is absolutely brilliant. There are so many recipe choices, I could eat the FitQueen burgers for dinner every evening! These are healthy meal plans that you never get bored of which is what’s happened to me in the past on boring chicken and broccoli diets. The workout plans are challenging but easy to follow. I couldn’t recommend FitQueen enough. “


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