Eating Out: 4 Top Weight Loss Tips

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Looking for weight loss tips when eating out? You’ve come to the right place. Losing weight does not mean that we can’t still enjoy our social lives! Follow these 4 easy to use tips when eating out to stay on track with your weight loss journey!

Can I retain my social life and still obtain results?

Anyone that suggests you need to eat out of a tub to get results is seriously missing a trick!! I mean Tupperware life is one for a very minor amount of people. I want to share with you some great weight loss tips when eating out!

Are you a mum who goes out with her kids for food? Maybe you’re a social butterfly that likes to eat in cool places? Or a busy women who simply does not have time to prep every meal?

I am all the above (Bar the mum one) but I do have a mum that likes to go for dinners out. In fact it was only last week my mum wanted to congratulate me for the successes of FitQueen. So she took me to our favourite seaside cafe…. There is absolutely NO WAY that I would have said ‘sorry mum no can do I’m having brunch with my weighing scales at home’. THIS IS REAL LIFE, WE HAVE REAL LIVES. It baffles me why the weight loss industry promotes prepping every bit of food and counting every calorie. It JUST ISN’T REALISTIC for us real ladies.

So how do we combat EATING OUT and LOSING WEIGHT?

This is an art that has taken me years to master, BUT it is one of the most useful skill sets myself and the FitQueen Bible hold. Want to know how I manage it?

1 – Be a nosy lady – DO NOT be afraid to ask how something is cooked or what ingredients a certain dish holds.

2 – We have got to be wise as to what’s on our plate. The local pub or cafe are providing a delicious spread because they want you to be impressed. The intention is for you to come back again and eat more of their food. This intention is not maintaining your waist line. When that plate arrives put your logical, “I want to achieve my goal” goggles on. Remove any items that you feel may not be necessary.

3 – Ask for sauces on the side ALWAYS – If the restaurant is good the flavour will be sufficient with just a small amount of sauce.

4 – Plan ahead – Now this is where The FitQueen Bible’s Restaurant Guidance comes into its own. It is a page full of restaurants listing what to have off the menu, things to swap in and out, from Bills, Cote, Giggling Squid, TGI Fridays, Meal Deals, Leon, GBK the list goes on. You name it I have broken that menu down, eaten the dish and laid it all out for you.

Keep socialising, keep making memories and enjoy your dinners out AND lose weight at the very same time with the FitQueen Restaurant Guidance and the Top Tips ABOVE. I’ve also created a FREE 7 day body confident guide for you. You can get it by entering your e-mail address below.

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