The Truth About Carbs


Too often we are not told the truth about carbs. We are told that in order to lose weight we should cut carbs. Carbs are not evil, they contain many benefits to us. From being a great source of energy and fibre to being delicious – Carbs can be part of a weight loss nutritional plan.

Should you eat carbs?

The truth about carbs – ok so this is a GREAT subject. In my opinion it would be a real shame if carbs weren’t in my life.


They have a bad ‘rep’ because they are related to ‘sugar’. Sugar also has a bad ‘rep’ which does make sense to some degree.

Carbohydrates serve a great purpose within the body and rejecting one single food group is not wise or clever. However if you have a clear understanding of your bio chemistry, you may benefit from a reduced carb diet.

Perhaps a professional has diagnosed you with PCOS – this may require adopting a lower carb diet due to a likelihood of insulin resistance.

Perhaps you have found out you are suffering from Hypothydronism – another health implication that may well benefit from a lower carb diet.

Maybe your body requires a higher level of fats due to hormonal imbalances – this would lead to a potential reduction in carbs favouring a higher fats diet.

How Do Carbs Benefit My Life?

Manipulating food groups can be  DANGEROUS unless you have symptoms that suggest you are suffering from a condition that benefits from a lower carb diet.

Carbs do WONDERFUL things.

They help you sleep. Sleep enables you to rest and grow, both VITAL for components leading to successful fat loss.

They release energy QUICKLY. Carbs are a great source of energy that will be at your service to fuel you quickly.

Carbs are a great form of fibre. We don’t eat enough fibre as a population. Carbs can provide you with your fibre requirements especially when opting for BROWN carbs ;).

They taste GOOD. Food should be enjoyable, it is imperative we enjoy what’s on our plate. Depriving yourself of something you really enjoy could end in destruction. It could lead to a lack of control around that certain food group.

If you have cut carbs because you read an article telling you it would enable you to lose weight fast, think again. In my opinion this becomes very dangerous unless you are willing to give them up for LIFE or have a great understanding to replace what your body needs via other food sources.

Keep the carbs in unless after appropriate screening, a health professional has advised you to remove them.

At FitQueen we carry this belief forward in to all of our nutritional plans. The FitQueen Bible is full of well balanced and delicious recipes that you will LOVE.

If you feel like you’ve lost control with food and your diet, I would love to hear from you, you can reach me by clicking here.

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