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The FitQueen Bible provides you with everything you will need to successfully lose weight and become body confident without having to track a calorie or join a gym. Available to you via your hand held device.

  • 120+ Recipes That You'll Love
  • 24/7 Support On Your Journey
  • Exercise The Way That Suites You
  • Easy To Use
Berry Pancakes - Lose Weight, Eat Delicious

Love Eating

  • Meal Guide with 120+ Recipes
  • Quick and easy meals
  • Meals the whole family will eat
  • includes burgers, pizzas, curries and more
  • fulfill your sweet tooth with The desserts section

Love Moving

  • Workouts as short as 7 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • 7 different workout series to choose from
  • Workout form home when it suits you
  • 3 different levels: beginner to advanced
  • stretch and yoga in the ‘movement’ section
User exercising with bible
FitQueen Weight Loss Bible On Phone

Love Yourself

  • Eat out with 50+ restaurants on the program
  • 24/7 support via the Private Facebook Group
  • Unique Progress Tracker To Remain Accountable
  • Helpline Video Series: learn how your body works
  • Daily Checklist to keep consistent

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"FitQueen is not a celebrity endorsement product. FitQueen is built on the back of a real transformation, using all the same methods that enabled me to lose 5 stone and most importantly keep it off! FitQueen is about consistency, lifestyle, encouragement and most importantly happiness!"
Emily De Luzy
Founder, FitQueen

Become The Next FitQueen Success!

Age: 21

“FitQueens has been amazing and so supportive. I wouldn’t be were I am or in this happy place with my body if it wasn’t for this program.”

Age: 31

“I have lost my target 1 and a half stone. Three months on I am maintaining my weight happily and eating a varied diet. I would recommend FitQueen to anyone.”

Age: 53

“I am feeling so positive, I am the smallest I have ever been for 10 years and it’s still coming off. I feel at least ten years younger and definitely not 7 years away from retirement. Thank you to the FitQueen Support network for constant motivation and amazing support.”

The FitQueen Bible

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