Overtraining: Spot These 8 Dangerous Signs

Training On A Spin Bike In The Gym

From an early age we are told exercise is good for us! That winning a race, training the hardest, getting a PB is a positive view BUT are we taking it too far? We explore the dangers of overtraining and how you may spot them.

You might be hooked by the runners high!

Have you found a form of exercise you LOVE that started as a 3/4 times a week hobby to now an every day obsession? Do you worry that you’re overtraining?

The majority of people will exercise naturally within their bodies limits. For many people, however, the signals are distorted and they are at risk of doing more harm than good.

It is important to try to be intuitive with your body to understand and recognise the signs that you may well be over doing it and causing yourself unnecessary stress which is preventing you from making progress.

Not only that, over time consistent over exertion and exposure to stress via exercise can lead to potential issues with your neuroendocrine system. The system that controls and regulates your monthly cycle.

How To Recognise ‘Overtraining Syndrome’

A study by the American Council On Exercise found that there is a “dose-response” relationship between exercise and benefits. In other words, the more that you do, the more benefits you receive. This is true, until a point; when you reach this tipping point, through either too much exercise or prolonged under fuelling, you will begin to do more harm than good.

Graph showing the relationship between workload and fitness and the tipping point.

The clinical term for this is ‘Overtraining Syndrome’. If you feel that you may be vulnerable to this, look out for some of these common signs.

Decreased performance or Increased perceived effort during training.
Excessive fatigue.
Agitation or mood swings.
Insomnia or trouble sleeping.
Persistent injuries.
Depression, anxiety or other psychological issues.
Loss of appetite.
Long term spells of low energy.

How Do I Combat It?

In this instance winning the race, training the hardest or longest may not be the answer for you to get to where you want to be.

In conclusion, the answer could well be finding a new relationship with exercise. MORE rest & less STRESS on your body enabling GREAT RESULTS and long term good health.

If you’ve followed the wrong road and this has affected your ability to get results then pop me a message. We can shine some light on your situation and get you some answers 🙂

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