The weight loss solution trusted by top executives from:

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Who is Emily de Luzy?

FitQueen Founder & Women’s Weight loss Mentor

“Hi, I’m Emily 🙋‍♀️

Back in 2015 I was 5 stone overweight, addicted to food & at war with my body image. I simply could not stick to a ‘diet’. I would starve myself, only to then overeat. I’d restrict foods I enjoyed, only to binge on them later.

I tried everything to lose weight – low-carb, keto, weight watchers – the list goes on.

I knew that I had to figure out the journey myself. I always struggled with PCOS & hormonal issues which made a daunting job feel overwhelming.

After a long journey of trial and error, I lost the 5 stone & found, balanced my hormones & discovered the true secrets to weight loss.

And it sparked a passion to help women all over the world. So I decided it was time to help! I enlisted experts in nutrition, psychology & medicine to design a bullet proof program for sustainable weight loss. And I am so proud that I can share this with you.”

The weight loss solution trusted by top executives from: