PCOS & Weight Loss Explained...

83% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese. Why?

Because mainstream diet’s simply do not work for women with PCOS due to hormonal imbalances.

But what does work? Having a weight loss approach which works with your PCOS physiology.

Inside this guide you will learn the exact nutrition, exercise and hormone balancing techniques you need to follow to sustainably lose 1-3lbs a week whilst improving PCOS symptoms such as excess hair growth, acne, irregular cycles and mood swings.

The reason this guide works, is because it’s the exact journey that 700+ women (including me) have taken to losing weight with PCOS… Find out more below…

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Are you sick of being told by your Doctor to simply 'eat less & more more' only to try and not lose a single pound?

Do you feel totally confused and unsure of what your body needs to lose weight whilst working with your PCOS diagnosis? 

Hey, I’m Emily your fellow #PCOS Sista. After many years of mainstream diets with no success I decided to dedicate the last 8 years to finding the path to sustainable weight loss whilst improving my PCOS symptoms (stubborn belly fat & excessive facial hair).

I have created this guide to give you the exact 5 steps I and the 200+ women I have coached have followed to take back control of PCOS and achieve the body you’ve always wanted (in a sustainable, healthy way).

Don’t stay stuck with your PCOS, instead empower yourself with the education and support in this guide and I can assure you, you will see and feel your body change.

And remember from the moment you join up for my guide you will never be alone with your PCOS ever again, we are in this together my fellow PCOS Sista.

Emily x

You don't have to hide away and let PCOS win anymore...

You can relieve the symptoms and live a life feeling confident in your body like every other women. All it takes is some consistency & the know how!

These women – women just like me and you who spent years thinking they had to settle for the “hairy”, “spotty” and stubborn belly fat PCOS symptoms but by following the exact steps I share with you in the PCOS blueprint guide they have completely transformed their bodies and taken control of their PCOS.

I'm on a mission... 🙋‍♀️

…to support 100 women over the next 12 months to conquer their PCOS and find body contentment.

If you’ve spent what feels like your ‘whole life’ on a diet and you’d like to fast track past the guide and instead have 1:1 personalised guidance to beat PCOS and create long term, sustainable weight loss results. Click the link below to apply for a place on my 1:1 exclusive weight loss mentorship.