Are You Sick Of That Horrible Feeling Of Watching The Scales Creep Up After You've Slogged Yourself Trying To Lose 10lbs?

Are You Tired Of Giving Your All Time And Time Again Only To Gain Back The Weight?

Your solution is here! The FitQueen One To One Personal Coaching Program will ensure you achieve and sustain your goal with your very own personalised weight loss and coaching plan from the ‘Head Queen’ herself – Emily!

Emily De Luzy
“Head Queen”

I want you to meet Dani my ‘One To One Personal Coaching’ client.

Like many women and indeed like myself 5 years ago, Dani was stuck in the same constant battle with her weight and addiction to “naughty” food.

For Dani, the idea of starting her weight loss journey alone was TERRIFYING.

Having tried so many different programs before, she felt like she couldn’t juggle the challenge of maintaining being a busy mum, with a busy career AND committing to an effective weight loss program.

This was when when Dani turned to me. It was clear she REALLY wanted to transform but she needed personal guidance and support to achieve her DREAM BODY.

After only 12 Weeks, Dani has lost an enormous 2 Stone and has regained her love for herself!

Dani wanted to lose weight but simply did not know where to start, she wanted to be mentored by someone who understands how it feels to go through a weight loss transformation themselves.

But do you know the most rewarding thing?
It is like Dani has a new glow to her!

It’s like the fire deep inside her has been re-lit and she has a new passion for life.

Dani has succeeded in achieving the body she deserves and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

What Do I Receive As A One To One Client?

As a ‘One To One’ client, you will receive EVERYTHING that you will need to achieve your weight loss goal. 

Our Personal Coaching program offers you the ultimate flexibility in allowing you to achieve your weight loss goals no matter where you are in the world. Our Personal Coaching Program is delivered to you online via our FitQueen Software straight to your mobile phone.

As a One To One Client we offer you exclusive top level support with the fastest response times. 


  • Your very own FitQueen account on the FQ dedicated private App
  • Exercise Schedule Specific to YOU
  • Workouts For the gym and at home


  • Personal Food Planning
  • Support managing alcohol intake and social events
  • affordable meals with less than 5 minute preparation time


  • 24 hour access to emily directly via two contact portals
  • unlimited access to the fitQueen bible.
  • weekly check-in directly with emily

hear from Some of the ladies that i coach already!




You Will Lose Weight, Guaranteed!

12 Weeks
One To One

  • 5 Personalised Dietary Plans
  • Tailored Training Plan
  • One To One Weekly Check In
  • 24 Hour Private Access To Your Coach
  • Exclusive Access To The FitQueen Bible
  • FREE FitQueen Training Top Upon Sign Up
  • No Contract And Cancel Any Time

No Question Is A Bad One!

Making the decision to invest in yourself and commit to something new isn’t a decision you make everyday.

With that said I want you to ask me ANYTHING you may have on your mind, I am here to help so please do not hold back. 

Emily xx

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