Is it as simple as calories in versus calories out?

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No, no it’s not. Now of course if you’re eating more than your daily expenditure the scales are going to rise BUT there are so many factors to take into account when wanting to loose body fat.

To enable a successful dieting phase I believe for us women it is not as simple as just calories in versus calories out. We have hormones that also need managing AS WELL as nutrition and training programming. If your hormones are not balanced and regulating as they should your progress from my experience will yes still happen but at a much slower rate with much more stress on the body.

Hormone regulation should be an important factor to take into consideration when commencing your fitness journey and in my eyes is sure as hell one of my priorities with my clients.

Example: Both of my intense dieting phases to get on stage I experience a dramatic drop on the scales when I pull cardio away from my daily routine around a week before the show. The scales drop 2-3 Kilos within 24 hours this is because my Cortisol levels are sky high. Cortisol is a stress related hormone within the body that can increase dramatically when we put the body under an intense amount of stress. When Cortisol levels increase the body decides to hold water. Just by backing off my cardio output (which stresses my body out) my cortisol levels reduce and the water I was holding is flushed through to lead to a fairly heavy drop on the scales.

This is only ONE hormonal factor out of a list of many to consider when dieting so don’t be hard on yourself if the scales or your current efforts aren’t quite pairing up with your desired outcome.

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