Throughout the Coaching Experience you will go through THREE key stages...

Stage One – Prime Your Body For Weight Loss

We start by implementing a reset. It can feel impossible to lose weight when your hormones aren’t balanced (Almost like trying to move a car with the hand break on)

We will be focussing on balancing the key hormones in your body which contribute to you feeling energised and your bodies ability to lose weight focussing specifically on balancing blood sugar, reducing exposure to stress hormone (cortisol) and getting your hunger hormones back in check.

Stage Two – Focus On Sustained Weight Loss

This is the exciting part of the journey where we get stuck into releasing the weight. Your hormones are balanced, your energy has increased and your metabolism is now responsive to weight loss.

Now your body is reactive you will be able to lose 1-3lbs sustainably each week whilst eating a fulfilling amount of food all without having to sell your soul to exercise.

Stage Three – Lock In Results And Maintain

This isn’t just about losing the inches, this is about stepping into your new identity… the woman who prioritises her health and thrives in her body.

You will be taught how to detach from your old ways and reinvent yourself both through how your body looks but most importantly through how you view food, exercise and your overall wellbeing.

So how does it work once you join this highly personalised coaching experience...

…which has taken over 700 women from feeling burnt out and at a total loss with their weight to feeling elated with their body and in total control of their wellbeing.

Inside the coaching experience here is what you will receive:

Step 1

A deep dive into you

Your own coach who is matched specifically to you so you can feel supported by somebody who totally understands you.

Your coach will be supporting you day in, day out through your journey.

Upon joining you will have a 1:1 kick start call where your coach will do a thorough analysis of your unique body, lifestyle and goals.

Together you will explore:

  • Hormone analysis (symptoms/imbalances)
  • Past dieting history
  • Mindset
  • Triggers (sensitivity to the scale etc)
  • Relationship with food
  • Relationship with alcohol
  • Lifestyle (Time restraints, home dynamic & work routine)
  • Exercise & injuries
  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Your social diary

Step 2

Your plan personalised to you

Your plan will be built from scratch based on your preferences, lifestyle and what needs to be implemented to achieve your unique goal.

The plan wil act as a framework which you and your coach will work from. 

  • Personalised nutrition plan – which consists of 7 meal plans created for your unique body and hormonal status whilst taking into account food likes, accessibility and time as well as incorporating meals and recipes which will become a forever way of eating in your household.

  • Personalised exercise plan – This may mean workouts at home, or at the gym at the office (or a hybrid) or incorporating your peloton or a workout class you enjoy. We will assess your unique lifestyle and hormonal status and create your exercise plan to align with your goal and the practicality of your life.

  • Daily Wellbeing Targets – Balancing your stress hormones is an essential part of supporting your body to lose weight, we set daily targets to support your body to come out of fight and flight and into rest and recovery. This is centered around sleep hygiene, regulating caffeine and alcohol, daily step counts, self care rituals like mindfulness, journaling and taking a moment for yourself.

  • Your programme will be assessed every 7 days which is where we will make required amendments to align with how your body is responding and the practicalities of what you have coming up over the 7 days ahead.

Step 3

Support to implement

This is a new change and we totally understand that taking on something new may feel overwhelming.

We will be on the end of the phone day in, day out to make sure you are fully supported.

Whilst you support everybody else, it is our job to support you. Achieving your body transformation requires having your coach in place to adjust your programme and guide you when inevitable curve balls of life as a busy woman show up like…

Restructuring your exercise plan for the next few days to factor in the variable of missed sleep because your child has been sick…

Telling you what to choose off the menu at a last minute client lunch….

Realigning you on a Thursday afternoon because you have had a challenging day at work and the wine is calling…

Conquering this area of your life requires having somebody there on the end of the phone when you need her to support you in the moment.

We are on hand to act as a concierge so you feel supported and guided at all times.

Step 4

Overcoming the ‘I’m quitting’ stage

How do we break past the ‘I’m quitting’ stage’? Here is how….

You will have dedicated weekly 1:1 coaching with your coach to develop your mindset.

This is where we get to challenge the mindset limitations which have kept you stuck, whilst providing you with the guidance and coaching to ignite new habit pathways and leave behind self sabotaging behaviours.

We will also use this time to assess your progress from the week prior and to make relevant changes to your programme to prioritise results for the 7 days ahead.

Step 5

Body image & food freedom

No amount of weight loss is worth it unless…

You can look in the mirror and feel confident in what you see whilst feeling freedom to fully embrace food.

Through weekly group workshops with our  experts…

Psychologist, Kelly and our Hypnosis and NLP practitioner, Colleen.

You will be taken through a series of sessions which will teach you how to reconnect with food whilst falling back in love with the unique woman you are, mind and body.

Step 6

The tools to fly the nest and sustain

We will teach you the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind your transformation.

This is so you can take full ownership of your health long term.

We are not meant to be on a diet every year yet we end up in this cycle because nobody has taken the time to teach us the knowledge behind how the female body works.

Through weekly group workshops with Gary our sleep coach, Camilla our gut health specialist and Sarah our head coach specialising in hormones you will be given the tools and teachings to understand the intricacy of the female body and how to create and sustain great health.

You will have the knowledge to fly the nest and be equipped to go at it alone (with no fear). Whilst also having the education to empower your children to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

And this isn’t just about the visual change…

…This is a head to toe, 360 degree, inside and out transformation which goes way beyond losing a few lbs

How much does it cost?

We don’t have a one size fits all price.
Because this is a personalised coaching experience and every woman’s starting point and goals are different.

We will curate your package based on the time required to achieve your transformation.

So, what’s next?

To receive further details and to see if we are a great fit, click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation call. We look forward to connecting with you. Emily x

"I was doing a lot of traveling for work and with age I noticed I was gaining weight from too much wine and all those client lunches. Since joining i’ve lost over 7kg whilst managing my busy career and exercise is now enjoyable”
Stanimira Koleva.
“I was at a low point when I joined FitQueen, I was avoiding social events and struggling with binge eating. I now feel comfortable within myself, it's been the best investment I've ever made"
Lois Dale.
“I have always had weight and confidence issues, I suffer from PCOS, hypothyroid and have a high stress job, they totally get this and have supported me with a plan that really works. I've finally seen results and have even started clothes shopping again"
Annika Carrher.

Still, wondering if this is for you? Let us help you!

This is for you if:

  • You’re transitioning through life but keep gaining weight, and you’re ready to start feeling good in your body again and more energized.
  • Your career is demanding, and there is no time for strict plans and no time to spend hour after hour planning on apps. You need a plan that’s flexible and fits your life.
  • You are worried your habits may be influencing your children and you want to create a healthier outlook on food and body image for yourself and your family.
  • Your relationship with food leaves you feeling trapped in a vicious cycle of strict control and overeating.
  • You see weight gain even though you try to eat “healthily” and no diet you try seems to be working.
  • The hours in your day seem to evaporate, and you tend to sacrifice yourself, you’re an expert in what you do, but days change direction with little to no notice.
  • You want to actually lose weight and keep it off; while learning exactly how your unique body works.
  • You know you can make the change, and there is a way, but you need an expert who can take on the thinking and planning for you so you can remain focussed on your work and your family.

...Because we care and want to help you make the most aligned decision for you, I’m answering some of the most common questions:

Unlike most virtual weight loss coaching, we specialise in working with hormones, your relationship with food, and creating a custom plan for your unique lifestyle, stage of life, and desires. We work from the inside out to sustain your weight loss for life.

Weight loss isn’t a simple equation of eating less and moving more. Three key hormones dictate your weight loss success which we are specifically focussed on:

  1. Stress hormone (Cortisol)
  2. Your hunger hormone (Grehlin and Leptin)
  3. Your blood sugar hormone (Insulin)


These three hormones hold the key to your metabolism, behaviours around food, and energy levels, which all determine your weight loss success. We need to understand your current hormonal status to create a programme that focuses on balancing these key hormones moving forward IF you want to lose weight and keep it off. But more importantly, so that you feel great in your body and around food.

Don’t worry you don’t need to run off and get a bunch of blood tests. In fact, hormones are forever changing inside the body; therefore, testing via blood work often doesn’t give us an accurate, in-depth understanding of your current hormonal status.

Instead, we start with an initial getting-to-know-you analysis with your coach. This is when we assess your hormonal status and explore your current symptoms and behaviours with food, sleep hygiene, digestion, mood, decision fatigue, and fat distribution (we look at where your body stores fats).

This gives us a great insight into your hormonal status and stress exposure and what you will need inside your weight loss programme to balance these key hormones to create success with your weight loss.

Our goal is to ensure the nutrition recommendations fit your lifestyle and those you enjoy. We also want to support you in taking the guesswork out of this, so we regroup every 7 days to assess what you have coming up in your social diary and factor this into your nutritional plans for the week ahead so you can remain on track whilst still having up most flexibility with socialising and work commitments.

Obviously, changes need to happen, but we map out all of your eating for the week and use different ways of implementing this into your lifestyle with a combination of meal plans made from scratch.

These are hyper-personalised to your food preferences and time and food accessibility. To give you an idea of the bespoke level of programming we factor in things like deliveroo takeaway options and food eateries within a 1-mile radius of your office and birthday cake on your child’s birthday

Yes, because we are working with you on a bespoke level, the program we create for you will be unique to your hormonal status. It is important that your nutrition, exercise and holistic tool kit mirrors the stage in which you are going through, your menopausal physiology requires a different nutrition and exercise structure to pre-menopause; therefore, we need to work with your unique physiology to create sustainable results through your weight loss which reigniting your energy.

We aren’t solely interested in ‘how much weight you lose’- we are focussed on supporting you to feel at ease with your daily interactions with food. We will assess your past dieting history and deliver coaching techniques unique to your personal situation to support you in building a positive relationship with food.