Dani’s Amazing 3st Weight Loss Transformation

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From a bottle of wine a night to a 3 stone successful body transformation.

A fantastic body transformation. Dani came to FitQueen after trialing and failing at many popular ‘proven’ weight loss diets.

She hated her body and battled with low self esteem. By designing a personalised nutrition and training plan coupled with providing Dani all the support she needed, Dani was able to lose an outstanding 3 stone in just 14 weeks.

The beginning

This FitQueen body transformation is moving in many ways and we are incredibly fortunate to have Dani’s blessing to share her story.
Dani came to us in complete despair, she absolutely hated her body, it caused regular tears, discomfort and had a huge affect on her quality of life. She was in a vicious cycle of battling with low self esteem and body confidence which led her to drinking a bottle of wine a night and eating her feelings.

Dani had tried various shake diets and calorie/point counting systems. She stressed the shake diet made her feel incredibly unwell which led her to quitting. Her experience of the point/syn tracking options lasted 2 weeks where she saw a small loss on the scales but gained back all of the weight shortly after stopping.

So after a variety of diets that were not successful it was safe to say that Dani’s belief in herself to achieve successful weight loss was on the floor. Fortunately Dani tried one last attempt. That was by reaching out to us and it has been an incredible journey. A journey of unbelievable success from that moment on.

Step 1 – Make A Plan

Firstly we needed to get a great understanding of what Dani’s day currently looked like. What were her commitments? What led her to urge for a bottle of wine?
Via our ‘Getting to know you’ initial consultation we found out about every behaviour and habit Dani was experiencing that led her to want to over eat.
With this in depth knowledge we provided Dani with a solution to enable her to find comfort with her body and to start working on overcoming these emotional eating behaviours and low self esteem phases. We focussed on these key areas:

• Dani’s food intake – A solid foundation of the right food groups and the right portion sizes for Dani was priority ONE. By providing Dani’s body with the nutrients it needed we enabled her to prevent crying out for unreliable cravings.

• Battle of the booze – We provided Dani with the education and understanding to know exactly why that bottle of wine affected her goal and her physical health. We explained to her what happens from the moment a drop of wine touched her lips to the outcome of consuming a whole bottle of wine in a 24hr constant cycle. Knowledge is POWER. The more we informed Dani of the key reasoning of it’s negative effect, the easier it was for her to naturally want to reduce her intake.

• Easy & Simple – Dani is a mum of 3, runs her own business and expressed she had minimal time. We collected her favourite foods and put together a variety of plans that included no more than 5 ingredients with the option to batch cook. All food planned for Dani was done so using her most utilised Supermarket.

• We became Dani’s soul sister throughout this journey, we gave her a system to contact us whenever she wanted. This enabled us to support Dani if she experienced any emotional triggers that may of previously took her off target.

Step 2 – Implementation

Dani’s desire to be at peace with her body was screaming out to us. Her willingness to learn and succeed was so obvious. After a short 12 weeks Dani had lost a huge 2 stone.

Over the course of 16 weeks Dani had lost a further 1 stone.

Over 16 weeks Dani has transformed her life with a huge 3 stone weight loss. She has achieved a life changing drop of 4 dress sizes. Dani is now alcohol free (bar the odd glass here or there) and in a much healthier, happier place with her body image. This body transformation truly had changed her life.

Step 3 – Your New Life

After a successful body transformation Dani decided to invest in a procedure to reduce her stomach skin. After two back to back pregnancies with a lack of skin retraction in between, she was left with an excess.
Because of Dani’s hard work the consultant was able to take away any excess skin. This left Dani with a tummy that clearly shows off her new shape.

Dani would not have been able to have this procedure without undergoing the initial efforts of losing the fat first. Dani’s consultant congratulated Dani. He explained that he see’s many people who want the surgery but haven’t put in the work prior.

Dani made the commitment. She didn’t want her hatred for her body to continue to hold her back. She took control and made the decision to change her life. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve Dani. We are truly proud to see her beaming with confidence now.

Over coming emotional eating and high levels of alcohol intake will enable you to truly transform your body. Most importantly you will re map your mind to get incredible results physically and mentally. We can help you take that step to better health and a happier you, click for more information.

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