You will lose weight and love yourself with Emily's formula!
We Promise!

The FitQueen bible provides all the information and support needed to achieve the body that you've always wanted!

Hi, my name is Emily.
I was 5 stone overweight, working a job I hated and completely out of control with my eating!

I used to stuff my face full of chocolate and sweets from my secret drawer at work when i knew no-one was looking.

I had tried every diet out there and kept FAILING!…

I had hit rock bottom and I NEEDED to change! It wasn’t easy, in fact at times all I wanted to do was give up as I tried and tested every FAD DIET out there!

Eventually I found the formula; I lost the weight!

My new secret formula changed my life, that’s when I decided I wanted to help other ladies transform their bodies too!

I created the FitQueen Bible to share this formula with every woman out there who wants to lose weight and fall in love with their body again!

Why would you trust MY formula?

…Because I wasn’t born with a ‘magazine cover’ body and abs.

I have been there and worn the t-shirt. I know what it feels like to keep getting it wrong! 

I eventually got it RIGHT and now I get to share EVERYTHING I have learnt with you so you can get it right too!!

The amount of times I heard     “just move more and eat less”   – if only it was as SIMPLE as that. 

Losing weight is NOT as simple as calories eaten vs calories burned
– Us ladies have brains that like to fight against us.

It is a unique journey, learning to love YOUR body whilst losing weight and finding the REAL you. 

FitQueen Bible will not only give you all the Exercise and Nutritional information that you need to physically lose weight.It will also provide you with a unique community of Support!

Anyone can put together a food plan and an exercise plan but sticking to it is the GOLDEN KEY to finally reach that weight loss goal you have wanted for what seems like forever.

FitQueens STICK AT IT because of the empire of support from like minded ladies who are also going through what you are!

This is what sets FitQueen apart from any other “diet” out there on the market, our sense of community, our support culture, our empire of strong women!

I know right, Why Trust me?
Well how about I let my queens do the talking!

So we've mentioned about our secret formula. But now I hear you ask....
"How Exactly is this going to benefit ME?"

  • You will LOSE weight and change your body!
  • You will be able to keep the weight OFF!
  • You will NEVER be hungry using our formula!
  • You will be able to exercise in a way to suit YOU!
  • You will be a HAPPIER person!
  • Your LOVE for yourself will grow!

97% of FitQueens see changes in their body within 2 weeks!

FitQueens receive support on average within 5 minutes of sharing a worry or struggle!

To date 100% of FitQueens have said that their body transformation would not have been sustainable without the FitQueen Bible!


It’s like your very own Personal Trainer…
…BUT available on your phone, 24/7!

Access Anywhere Anytime
No Contract, Cancel Any Time
Works On All Devices

What’s Included?

3 Exercise Series To Choose From:
Weights Workout Series
Home Workout Series
HIIT Workout Series
All Workouts Provide Video Demo And Vocal Instruction
NEW Workouts every 7 Days

Ever-growing Library Of Recipes
Basic And Easy Meals In Minutes
Low Cost Meals
Family Friendly Meals
Vegan/Veggie Friendly Options
Delicious Dessert Section
Restaurant Guide For Eating Out

The FQ Mindset Series Covering
Body Image, Emotional Eating,
Breaking Habits
 And Much More
FQ Vow And Daily Checklist To Keep You Accountable
Private FQ Facebook Group
FitQueen Weekly Progress Tracker
Live Q&A With Emily

Access Anywhere Anytime
£8.99 Per Month 
No Contract, Cancel Any Time
Works On All Devices

We Get You Results!
We Help You Love The Body You Are In!
We Are Qualified To Help You!

This is your moment! Don’t you want to wake up everyday and truly love your body?

Don’t let today slip away from you, it’s time to take the most important step in losing the weight for good!

You want to LOVE Your Body.
We have the FORMULA to make it happen!

No Contract and Cancel Any Time

No Contract and Cancel Any Time

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