Meet Emily

Hi, I’m Emily. I created FitQueens in the search to help thousands of women who, like me, want to lose weight and find body confidence. At age 19, 5 stone over weight I knew I needed to do something about it. I found the fitness world pretty daunting and after trialling every diet nothing worked.

I simply could not stick to a single diet and that is when I realised that I needed to find a way to transform my body without going on a ‘diet’. I simply could not stay consistent to tracking calories or points as, as soon as I stopped; I put any weight I had lost back on. 

I realised I could eat tasty, exercise within my comfort zone and still eat out and socialise whilst transforming my body. 5 stone later, I am a lighter version of myself and I have found body confidence.

No celebrity diet was relatable to me, no diet took into consideration my busy life and my lack of time. I wanted to create a system that would be relatable for women who don’t have the budget that a celebrity with a personal trainer has.

 I wanted to provide a service that supports women with busy lives with relatable starting points and goals like mine. I wanted to prove that no matter what your starting point is anything can be achieved no matter your budget, your time and your goal. 

The FitQueen Bible has allowed me to support hundreds of women to successfully transform their lifestyles and to find their own body confidence and most importantly to sustain their results. I truly believe the FitQueen Bible will transform your life and the way you feel about your body.

Less than £4 per week!

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