The Best Way To Lose Weight – Avoid These 6 Mistakes

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The Best Way To Lose Weight – Avoid These 6 Mistakes

I see it all the time, too many people will fail their weight loss journey by falling into the same traps. The best way to lose weight is to avoid these 6 mistakes.

Weight loss is not an easy task for some. Depending on the reasoning for wanting to lose weight it is more than likely that as an individual you are driven to succeed because you feel you will benefit from the outcome. Perhaps you have decided to lose weight because emotionally your current body image is making you un happy. Perhaps you have chosen to lose weight because you have health implications that could improve if you got fitter and healthier.

Regardless of if this is an emotional or a logical decision, it is incredibly important to not make the mistakes that many people do. Here are 6 valuable ‘must not do’s’ listed below. Steer clear of these 6 mistakes and you will accelerate your rate of success and reduce the risk of falling into the trap of getting it wrong.

Top Tips – 6 “Avoids” For Successful Weight Loss.

Too extreme, too fast.

Our bodies are very adaptable in some respects. But if it senses a form of famine or over exhaustion you are at risk of reducing your bodies efficiency to function. This could lead to metabolic damage, hormonal imbalances and a variety of issues that will slow down your success.

Not having enough variety.

Our bodies need an array of different foods for different functionalities. Making sure to implement a variety of foods will not only benefit your gut health, but it will enable you to enjoy an array of foods without getting bored leading to potential inconsistency.

Signing up for too much.

Sometimes we over promise ourselves and then later feel like we have under delivered. This can lead to a feeling of failure. It is critical that you feel successful and positive throughout your weight loss journey. Only commit to what you can manage.

Letting the scales reflect your efforts.

It is critical that you have a variety of progress data to analyse your results. Simply, the scales on their own are not sufficient. Females weight can fluctuate for many reasons. This is not a sole reflection of purely fat loss. With that said it is important to take note of progress shots and measurements as they can offer a much more accurate reflection of your hard work.

Forgetting to track results

Forgetting to document results can lead to a lack of acknowledgement your efforts. The biggest motivator to continue on with your journey is to recognise how much your current efforts are paying off. It is important to record your results on a weekly basis or by assessing your performance via your workouts.

Weekend rebounding

It is easy to feel a sense of freedom at the weekend. This is especially true after a hard week at work. It is important to remember that the human body does not require extra calories just because it is the weekend. To enable successful fat loss it is important to maintain a level of control 7 days per week.

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