5 Must Do Top Weight Loss Tips For Results In A Week

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Here are FIVE top weight loss tips you should focus on achieving that will ignite your weight loss from the moment go!!!! 

When we decide we want to kick ourselves into gear and transform into the person we want to see in the mirror we want to see results ASAP. Immediate results will reflect your efforts and keep you consistent to keep on going.

Nobody on this planet is driven by seeing no reflection of their hard work.
It’s important to understand that losing weight Is a transitional journey to better health so safety whilst doing so is KEY.  These weight loss tips will really ensure results because they did for me!

Identify your why?

Your goal may be to lose weight but why do you want to lose the weight? What’s your reason deep down? This is your emotional connection to your goal. This Is the invincible tool that will get you through your first 7 days and it will be the tool that keeps you focussed and motivated.

Make a plan and stick to it:

Without a plan in place we provide ourselves with too much lee way to fail within the first week. Failing means no results at all and a feeling of sheer failure…. Make a plan, decide what you are going to eat, decide when and what exercise you are going to do. Write it down and tick each day off once you have completed what you have planed.

Eliminate plans that may tarnish your results

If you are after quick results your body needs to be nourished and full of foods that aid the process of fat loss. Alcohol compromises your bodies ability to do its job of burning fat therefore if you end up heading out of an evening and consuming alcohol your bodies focus will be to manage the toxins from the alcohol rather than focussing on breaking down the fat stores you are wanting to get rid of. Opt to be the designated driver, enjoy the surroundings, enjoy the people and the company whilst knowing that the priority is on the one thing you truly want to achieve, that being to lose weight and love the body you are in.

Move more, drive less:

From the moment go any opportunity to walk instead of taking your car, say yes to. This will accelerate your results dramatically by exerting energy expenditure via low intensity movement. Less money on fuel, a better result on the scales and some time to enjoy the fresh air.

Eliminate sugary refined foods

As much as a good old donut tastes great, to much sugar can lead to inflammation. Inflammation is another word for water retention. Holding on to water will have a huge reflection on what the scales say. Within 7 days of eliminating refined sugar you can reduce inflammation, pass through the water retention and see a reflection on the scales.

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